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Your MRO supply chain is complex. Fragmented. It needs expertise. It needs RS Integrated Supply.

We examine every element of your supply chain including data, procurement strategy, storeroom operations, and equipment reliability. Our digitally enabled solutions standardise, consolidate, and optimise your MRO operations, resulting in significant efficiency improvements up and down your supply chain. The value we deliver affords you the confidence to do more.

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RS Integrated Supply Solutions

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Your MRO supply chain demands an effective global strategy. Focusing on piece price is no longer sufficient. By utilising RS Integrated Supply, you can generate 15-25% savings on overall costs without supply restrictions. Our strategic sourcing services include:

  • Access to a vast global supplier network
  • Dedicated contact to manage your procurement needs
  • Expert guidance and compliance support
  • Real-time tracking of goods
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Are you struggling to effectively manage your MRO storeroom? Is your inventory out of balance? Are your data and reporting capabilities lacking information? Our Storeroom Solutions® right-size your storeroom operations, ensuring parts availability and improved maintenance through:

  • Inventory optimisation
  • Industry-leading best practices and operational excellence
  • Critical spares identification and risk mitigation
MRO Transaction Processing

On average, our clients achieve more than 50% cost reductions from improved transactional processing. We work to eliminate your P2P requirements, consolidate vendors, and lower transactions and associated costs through:

• Supplier services
• Product pricing
• Purchase orders
• Invoice processing
• Supplier payment processing

Download Our 2022 Indirect Procurement Report

Our 2022 Indirect Procurement Report, published by CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply), provides an in-depth review of the fast-changing world of procurement for Maintenance, Repair & Operations supplies, shedding light on key findings and emerging trends.

2022 Indirect Procurement Report

Industry Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

RS Integrated Supply, part of RS Group, specialises in MRO procurement and supply chain management. Our services streamline the production operations for manufacturing and industrial companies, by offering customised solutions for procurement and storeroom management. Our suite of services includes strategic sourcing, Storeroom Solutions®, transactional processing, data management & analytics, digital solutions, and value solutions. 

At RS Integrated Supply, solutions matter. Solutions like strategic sourcing that delivers savings on overall costs, Storeroom Solutions® that right-size your inventory and ensure parts availability, transactional processing that eliminates up to 50% of transactional costs, and data management that leverages our $750 million spend. We deliver value by consolidating suppliers, reducing transactions, eliminating downtime, and introducing continuous improvement. As a global provider of supply chain solutions, we transform your supply chain from a liability to an asset.

At RS Integrated Supply, we tailor our solutions to the conditions on the ground, regardless of industry. When designing our programs, we account for things like government regulations, facility size, geographic presence, available resources, etc. It’s an approach that continues to contribute to our success. It also enables us to deliver solutions to industries as diverse as automotive, chemical, life sciences, healthcare, food & beverage, consumer products, and more. Visit our Industries page for a full list.

Yes, RS Integrated Supply has experience with international supply chains. We manage client sites across the USA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, and ASIA and provide customised solutions to help clients manage their procurement, storeroom management and their MRO supply chain. 

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