2024 Indirect Procurement Report: Maintaining Focus

The RS 2024 Indirect Procurement Report, a collaborative effort with The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), offers a comprehensive analysis of the procurement sector’s current landscape. It delves into the challenges and opportunities that procurement professionals encounter, and how these factors influence business success.

What is inside?

  • The report focuses on the challenges procurement professionals are facing and the opportunities to drive business success.
  • Business challenges, resistance to change, and the impact of ESG are key areas of concern.
  • Supplier performance and counterfeit products are seen as problems in the UK.
  • Adopting new tech is seen as a way to drive operational efficiency and minimize internal complexity.
  • The report highlights the need to ensure sustainable and ethical procurement, improve asset performance, and cope with reduced operational budgets.
  • Other challenges include attracting and retaining talent, dealing with inflation and higher costs, and global political uncertainty.
  • ESG is considered important to company strategy by over half of the respondents.
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