3D Printing

Enable on-demand production of parts with minimal lead times and the creation of custom components tailored to specific MRO requirements.

3D Printing

What if you had access to technology that removed several steps from your supply chain and reduced costs in the process? That is what 3D printing offers.

Working together, we identify, evaluate, prototype, and document 3D printing compatible parts, We build a digital library of those parts, quantifying your benefits in the process.

Our team reviews data and inspects and evaluates parts onsite, based on material of construction, application, criticality, usage, OEM relationship (for OEM parts), approval requirements, and cost. We also maintain an approved and pre-qualified vendor base specifically for 3D additive manufacturing.

For you, this translates to shortened lead times, lower material costs and better parts visibility.

Among the typical deliverables:

  • Functional printed parts in engineered material compatible to application
  • Print files added to digital Library
  • Approved vendor(s) by part
  • Cost benefit assessment

Every 3D printing initiative is monitored for standardisation and performance by a combined governance team.

Benefits of 3D Printing

Shorter Lead Time

Manufacturing parts with 3D printing frees you from relying on suppliers. Instead, you drive the supply chain by generating parts on demand, shortening lead time and reducing transaction costs. On-demand printing speeds your maintenance process while providing an added layer of security.

Maintenance Effectiveness

Delivering critical spares on demand enables your maintenance team to do what it does best, keep the plant operating reliably.

Inventory Optimization

Eliminating waste in the supply chain is a constant struggle. Generating quality parts on demand provides better control of order quantities and min/max requirements.

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