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Keep machines, equipment parts and production facilities running smoothly with our comprehensive MRO Supply Chain Solution.

Supply and Assets. In SyncTM

When unplanned downtime hits, you demand solutions that matter. We provide complete MRO supply chain solutions for inventory management, procurement, logistics and vendor consolidation. Our focus is on streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. Transforming your MRO supply chain from a liability to an asset affords you the confidence to accomplish more.

When addressing MRO supply chain challenges, you can treat symptoms or seek a cure. We present the latter.

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RS Integrated Supply Solutions

Two businessmen collaborating on global procurement and MRO supply chain solution

Is 15-25% savings on overall costs a game-changer for you? Our skilled procurement teams eradicate supply barriers by leveraging our nearly $1B MRO spend. You’re no longer bogged down by endless transactions. You benefit from:

  • Marketplace
  • Vendor consolidation
  • OEM Commercialisation
  • Supplier Compliance
Storeroom manager using RS Integrated Supply to manage inventory and maintenance requests

Is your MRO storeroom being ignored? Is inventory out of balance? Our Storeroom Solutions® turn your stores right-side up, ensuring parts availability and improved maintenance through:

  • Storeroom operations
  • Inventory optimization
  • Critical spares identification & risk mitigation
  • Storeroom layout/design
  • Point-of-Use technology
  • Operational Excellence
A finance professional managing invoices and purchase orders for indirect materials.

Indirect materials make up about 80% of your transactions but just 5% of overall spend. Our processing solutions reduce your P2P requirements, consolidate vendors, and lower transactions and associated costs. We offer:

  • Supplier Services
  • Product Pricing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoice Processing
  • Supplier Payment Processing
Expert analysing MRO inventory data for performance improvement recommendations

Turn your data into an asset with our MRO Data Management & Analytics solution. Get clean, consistent data for better insights, leveraged spend, streamlined operations and process improvements.

  • Data Normalisation and Standardisation
  • SnapPart™ Data Collection
  • Master Data Governance
  • Analytics & Reporting
A person making MRO materials purchase using RS SYNC

Is your supply chain on board the digital transformation? Revolutionise your MRO purchasing with RS SYNC™. Enjoy a consumer-like experience with intuitive decision points, customised catalogues, mobile approval processes and more. RS SYNC™ offers:

  • RS SYNC™ Mobile
  • RS SYNC™ E-Catalogue
  • ERP and EAM systems integration
  • SnapPart™
Engineers utilizing 3D printing technology to design spare parts for efficient and cost-effective production

The competitive landscape demands your commitment to continuous improvement and data-driven insights. We reinforce that commitment by delivering:

Customer Success Stories

Transportation Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with $1M+ in Savings from MRO Supply Chain

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