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Explore RS Sync™ Marketplace: user-friendly, MRO-focused, with diverse vendors and millions of products. Accessible via RS Sync™ Mobile or ERP integration.

Welcome to RS SYNC™ Marketplace: 

Your Gateway to Seamless Operations

Running a production line comes with its daily challenges, requiring sometimes simple, sometimes complex touches within MRO programs. We understand the costly nature of stocking slow-moving MRO goods. The key to avoiding these costs lies in procuring precisely when the need arises. However, this demand creates a substantial workload for on-site engineers, managers, buyers, storeroom employees, and others. We know that typically 80% of the transactional workload comes from MRO purchases, whilst corresponding to about 5% of your overall company expenses.

Enter RS Sync™ Marketplace – the solution to your procurement challenges. Our platform grants you instant access to millions of products from thousands of suppliers, all at your fingertips.

Source, procure and transact seamlessly to deliver non-stop production.

What is RS SYNC™ Marketplace?

RS Sync™ Marketplace is a user-friendly, MRO-focused online marketplace, featuring a diverse range of vendors and millions of products.

Available in our RS Sync™ Mobile, via direct URL or as a punch-out solution from your own ERP system, it offers an experience similar to well-known consumer marketplaces. Moreover, the content is customizable based on your company’s buying profile, enhancing overall ease of use.

How does MARKETPLACE work?

RS Sync™ Marketplace provides multiple methods of order generation. You can:

  • Browse and order from millions of products sorted into detailed departments,
  • Punch out to a 3rd-party vendor site for product selection, allowing you to transact within Marketplace, or
  • Simply request a quotation from our buyers to source it for you.

Moreover, the functionality allows you to check if an item is already stocked in your storeroom and reserve that item or procure it as a spot buy. It also allows you to save favorite and frequent purchases, seamlessly with one click.

In all these formats, invoices are consolidated and sent in pre-agreed periods, ensuring a minimal transactional workload.


Reduced Costs

No matter how much you spend on MRO parts, you can leverage RS Integrated Supply’s substantial bargaining power, backed by an overall procurement volume of nearly USD 1 million. The prices featured on RS Sync™ Marketplace are tailored exclusively for RS Integrated Supply clients, providing a unique opportunity to lower MRO expenses.

Reduce Total Lead Times

RS Sync™ Marketplace, along with its underlying technology that enables clients to assign authorizations and approval maps, offers the opportunity to streamline internal procedures. This, in turn, allows you to electronically submit orders to vendors more promptly, reducing the total lead time.

Reduce Operational and Transactional Workload

On average, 80% of buyers’ transactional workload is attributed to handling MRO-related purchase orders and invoices. RS Sync™ Marketplace streamlines this process by consolidating all invoices and delivering them to you at pre-agreed intervals. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating new vendors in your ERP and managing individual orders; RS Sync™ Marketplace takes care of it all.

Increase Efficiency

With a culmination of unique benefits, you’ll have more resources left at your disposal. RS Sync™ Marketplace empowers you to efficiently manage both your budget and workforce.

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