Value engineering solution

With value engineering solutions, we help you identify usage trends and build asset profiles to eradicate supply chain barriers resulting in a smoother parts ordering process and more efficient MRO operations.

Think About Continuous Improvement

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and condition monitoring, our team of engineers scour your supply chain for improvement opportunities that eliminate your downtime, improve energy usage, and reduce waste. Our continuous improvement initiatives include:

These services provide visibility into your supply chain, equipment, and inventory. That visibility enables us to drill down to your spare parts, analyse supply chain and maintenance data, and gain a clear understanding of what your equipment requires to remain efficient and reliable.


  • Equipment Reliability
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Increased Wrench Time

Benefits of Value Solutions

Equipment Reliability

Accurate performance data provides the flexibility to optimise your MRO supply chain. By recognising parts usage patterns and trends, you can plan appropriate maintenance, manage staff, and avoid downtime.

Shorter Lead Times

With improved visibility into your assets, you can align spare parts and procurement efforts to maintenance schedules. The result is reduced inventory and shorter lead times because you know what is coming and when.

Increased Wrench Time

Some maintenance teams spend up to 20% of their time searching for parts. Our value solutions help eradicate that wasted time. Your team gains more time to spend fixing the equipment instead of searching for parts. It’s the difference between predictive and preventive maintenance.

Material Risk Mitigation

Analysing the MRO supply chain through the prisms of maintenance practices, part availability or criticality, and cost constraints frees you from dependency on external sources. You control the supply chain, making possible consistent and leveraged decisions that create significant cost savings.

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