Storeroom Solutions®

Complete Storeroom Solutions® to optimize your inventory through improved layout, design, parts availability, safety, and overall operations.

Storeroom Solutions®

Your MRO storeroom is through which most parts, requisitions, purchase orders, inventory, maintenance requests, etc. must flow. Consistent and efficient inventory processes and practices reverberate throughout the plant and campus. The goal is to reduce downtime, risk, and obsolete inventory through:

  • Storeroom operations
  • Inventory optimization
  • Critical spares identification & risk mitigation
  • Storeroom layout & design
  • Point-of-Use technology

With proper staffing, layout, and design, we turn your storeroom into an asset, where parts are easily found, usage tracked, and purchase decisions well informed.

Benefits of Storeroom Solutions®

Storeroom Operations

Our on-site staff are trained on industry best practices. Their focus is improving your storeroom operations based on a playbook designed specifically for your site and your processes. Our team members:

  • Receive/stock/issue/cycle count/and report on inventory status
  • Identify critical spares
  • Recommend continuous improvement opportunities
  • Adhere to strict safety requirements

Not only are our team members parts experts, but they also understand the application of those parts to your equipment and processes.

Inventory Optimization

Through optimization we build a storeroom inventory profile based on your requirements, including usage, reorder frequency, lead times, criticality, and obsolescence. Less time is spent searching for a part. It means higher service levels and more effective maintenance. We will:

  • Automate replenishment
  • Initiate warranty tracking, using a repair-vs-buy value metric
  • Link spare parts to assets with Bills of Materials

You see:

  • Consistent uptime
  • Improved product availability
  • Reduced carrying costs
  • Less expediated freight costs

Critical spares identification & risk mitigation

By evaluating your critical spares, we’re able to assign related risk levels and establish sourcing plans based on that risk. You gain control over the supply chain, making informed decisions that create cost savings.

It’s about asking the right questions and finding the right answers.

  • How critical is the part to the asset? To the plant? To safety?
  • What is the proper lead time?
  • Are other options available?

And it’s about delivering process improvements without compromising quality or performance.

Storeroom Layout & Design

Optimizing the overall operation – staffing, layout, design, safety – of your MRO storeroom contributes significantly to overall supply chain performance. Our team identifies problem areas, traffic flow, material storage, and potential safety issues, with an eye toward improving overall performance.

Point-of-Use Technology

We routinely deploy the industry’s most advanced point-of-use technology to alleviate your real-life pain points. Integrated with our RS Sync™ system, these point-of-use solutions deliver improved productivity and visibility, including:

  • Less time spent searching for new parts
  • Decreased usage and shrinkage
  • Fewer stock outs
  • Access 24/7 without associated labour costs
  • Lower inventory levels

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