Preventive Maintenance Services

Elevate your equipment’s reliability and longevity with our comprehensive preventive maintenance services.

Preventive Maintenance Services

In the realm of industrial operations, the significance of preventive maintenance cannot be overstated.

Preventive maintenance transcends a mere scheduled checklist; it embodies a proactive strategy accurately crafted to ensure the seamless functioning of your machinery. This comprehensive approach involves regular inspections, servicing, and repairs aimed at addressing potential issues before they escalate into disruptive problems.

At RS Integrated Supply, we not only acknowledge but redefine and elevate the concept of preventive maintenance. We view it as a strategic investment in the operational resilience and longevity of your critical equipment. To robustly support your maintenance workload, we offer a suite of extensive solutions, including calibration, lubrication, defect elimination, and innovative reverse engineering. This forward-thinking approach allows us to 3D-print spare parts when applicable, ensuring a swift and efficient response to your equipment’s unique needs.


Work Management

Work Management is a disciplined, cross-functional approach designed for meticulous planning and scheduling, aimed at achieving production goals and maintaining asset health. This is executed in alignment with clearly defined processes, roles, and accountabilities.

Given that maintenance resources are finite, the dynamic nature of workload often leads to a backlog of tasks. This backlog arises when the influx of work surpasses the completion rate, or when work surges during specific periods of the year. Effective Work Management practices play a pivotal role in:

  • Coordinating the efficient use and utilization of valuable resources.
  • Identifying and minimizing costly equipment downtime.
  • Identifying unproductive and non-value-added activities.
  • Improving job satisfaction by reducing or eliminating frustrating delays.

By implementing these practices, we not only enhance the overall efficiency of resource deployment but also contribute to increased workforce morale through a reduction in downtime and the elimination of delays.

Asset Tactics Development

At the core of our Asset Tactics Development Service is the commitment to compile a comprehensive set of Maintenance Activities, meticulously designed to uphold the specified Reliability and Availability of your Physical Assets. These actions not only sustainably mitigate Safety, Environmental,

and Commercial risks but also ensure the preservation of critical functions within your Manufacturing Process.

Our Asset Tactics Development solution operates as a strategic implementation methodology. It encompasses a thorough baseline assessment, establishes future state design targets aligned with defined processes, and incorporates a RACI framework to foster organizational competency development. This is facilitated through the deployment of tailored training materials, guidelines, and tools, supported by real-world industry examples.

The guiding principle of Asset Tactics Development is clear: to ensure that your assets consistently perform at their intended functions, maintaining the designed performance levels throughout their operational lifespan. Embrace the power of precision and sustainability with our Asset Tactics Development Service, where reliability meets excellence.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the manufacturing industry, precision and reliability are paramount and non-negotiable. Calibration serves as the cornerstone for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of measuring instruments and equipment crucial to various processes.

RS Integrated Supply leverages the extensive experience of RS Maintenance Solutions, our sister organization, to provide expert calibration services. Backed by a UKAS accredited lab, subject to regular audits for end-to-end compliance, we offer two levels of certification:

  • RS Standard: Traceable to national standards.
  • UKAS Accredited: Recognized as the industry mark of quality internationally.

With the convenience of instrument collection and delivery back to your site within 5 working days after receipt, we ensure that your precision instruments are in optimal condition for your critical operations.

Lubrication Management

At the heart of optimal equipment performance lies the vital role of hydrocarbons or lubricants, serving as the lifeblood of your machinery. To ensure these essential fluids contribute to reliability, we uphold detailed standards in their storage, handling, and installation to your assets.

Our Lubrication Service covers the contamination control and analysis for condition-based maintenance. From procurement to installation, we adhere to ISO Cleanliness Standards to eliminate potential contamination failure modes. For hermetically sealed compartments receiving clean lubricants, our condition monitoring program captures samples for analysis, providing insights into component degradations within the assembly.

A key aspect of our service is the rationalization of branded oils. By standardizing lubricant grades, we streamline your inventory, offering better control and cost optimization based on volume. Trust us to safeguard the lifeblood of your equipment and elevate the reliability and efficiency of your assets through precision lubrication practices.

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