Asset Reliablity

Prolong the lifespan of equipment and tools, prevent unexpected breakdowns, minimize downtime, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs with our MRO Asset Reliability solution.

Asset Reliability Services

Our Asset Reliability services, while focusing on equipment, encompass your entire supply chain, from sourcing and procurement through receiving, issuance, and consumption. We use Lean principles, Six Sigma, and DMAIC processes in asking hard questions, and introducing change and innovation that improves performance.

You gain:

  • Improved productivity
  • Lower error rates
  • More efficient maintenance (wrench time)
  • Increased profitability
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Improved Safety

Among the different types of initiatives offered are:

  • Reliability and up-time
  • Standardisation
    • Processes
    • Data
  • Commercialisation
    • Accepting of non-OEM materials
  • Shutdown Planning (e.g. Kitting)
    • Scheduled maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime and parts interruptions
  • Inventory Management

Your profitability is directly related to the performance of your physical equipment. When downtime strikes, reducing that downtime and minimising the impact on your operation is vital. That’s where our Asset Reliability services come in.

We evaluate your production processes to identify improvement opportunities in maintaining uptime. We connect the dots regarding all maintenance and replacement warranties, guarantees, and on-going maintenance actions throughout your supply chain, providing maximum value by doing it from a single source.

We work with you in setting expectations and measurements, including overall equipment effectiveness (downtime vs uptime) and cost savings.

Benefits of Asset Reliability

Improved Asset Performance

Optimize equipment and uptime to maximize productivity and output, while minimizing downtime and costs.

Enhanced Data Analytics

Gain greater visibility into asset health, usage, and maintenance history to make informed data-driven decisions.

More Efficient Maintenance

Improve asset reliability and reduce downtime with predictive maintenance techniques, including condition monitoring.

Increased Profitability

Utilise data-driven analytics to identify trends and patterns in asset performance and maintenance activities to further improve maintenance costs and profitability.

Supply Chain Resilience

Minimize the impact of unexpected events, such as economic downturns and supply chain disruptions, and ensure that your business meets your customer demands.

Safety Adherence

Maintain equipment safety and compliance with regular inspection, maintenance, safety protocols and personnel training.

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