ESG Solutions

From Energy Surveys to Monitoring & Management, embark on a journey of environmental responsibility and social equity. Partner with us to shape a world where sustainability drives success.

Welcome to a sustainable future with our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Solutions. Partnered with RS ESG Solutions, the expert organization of RS Group, we deliver comprehensive initiatives that align with the principles of environmental responsibility, social consciousness, and effective governance. Our ESG services encompass a range of impactful solutions, including but not limited to Energy Surveys, advanced Energy Monitoring and Management Solutions, and Energy Consumption Improvement.

Embark on a journey towards a sustainable and responsible future with RS Integrated Supply. Together, let’s shape a world where environmental stewardship, social equity, and effective governance form the bedrock of organizational success. Explore our ESG Solutions and join us in making a positive impact on the planet and society.


Energy Surveys and Consumption Improvements

At RS Integrated Supply, our unwavering commitment lies in the implementation of Continuous Improvement methodologies across every aspect of our business. By harnessing the power of Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma, we not only refine our internal operations but also strive to optimize processes for our customers benefiting from our Integrated Supply solutions.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are ready to enhance your entire MRO operations. Our dedication extends beyond supporting your existing CI programs to include organizing accredited employee training, endorsed by LCS and Cardiff University.

This training is specifically designed to foster cultural change and deepen understanding in the application of Continuous Improvement principles. Partner with RS Integrated Supply for a transformative journey towards operational excellence and continuous improvement in your processes.

Energy Monitoring & Management

In collaboration with RS Industria, we bring you a cloud-based Energy Monitoring service. This provides manufacturers with a swift and comprehensive solution for real-time data collection and analysis from assets, empowering businesses with valuable insights to reduce energy consumption, enhance uptime, and improve overall efficiency. Our solution ensures accurate measurement of major utility consumption in a fast, straightforward, and cost-effective manner.

Moreover, our group company, RS Components, offers a range of energy management products. From energy meters and thermal imagers to LED lighting options, we have the products you need to start cutting down on your energy consumption.

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