Discover the RS Integrated Supply Technologies suite: RS Sync, RS Sync Marketplace, SnapPart, 3D Printing, and RS Industria, solutions designed to streamline your entire MRO supply chain management.


At the core of our operations lies technology, a driving force that defines our every endeavour. Proudly part of the RS Group, we not only leverage the innovative solutions within the RS Group but also cultivate our own suite of SaaS solutions. These technologies seamlessly empower our core businesses, ensuring efficient and integrated delivery of our services.

RS Sync

At the heart of MRO supply chain management, covering all your needs.

RS Sync MarketPlace

Convenient MRO Marketplace, providing an intuitive consumer-like shopping experience.

SYNC Snappart

Our own mobile application, offering a user-friendly interface to efficiently handle your inventory.

RS Industria

A cloud-based Industrial Data Platform, spearheading continuous monitoring and reporting in key areas like energy consumption, asset health and process control data.

3D Printing

A faster and more cost-effective way in generating relevant spare parts.

Customer Success Stories

Transportation Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with $1M+ in Savings from MRO Supply Chain

Saving $3 Million with Integrated Supply Management: A Health & Beauty Manufacturer’s Success Story

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