History of RS Integrated Supply

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Introduction to Business and History

The importance of a reliable supply chain cannot be overstated in today’s competitive environment. Companies are striving to improve procurement processes and optimise supply chains through innovation and technology. This is where RS Integrated Supply comes in, providing global supply chain management services to businesses across all industries.

RS Integrated Supply was introduced by RS Group in 2022 after combining Synovos and IESA, two procurement and supply chain management companies. Together, the two form the world’s first MRO supply chain services company with true global reach.

Our History

The Future of RS Integrated Supply

RS Integrated Supply remains dedicated to innovation and digital transformation in procurement and supply chain management. We strive to find new ways to leverage our industry-leading technology and data expertise to provide fully integrated supply chain services to our clients.

As demand for procurement and supply chain management increases, we are ready to meet the needs of clients across various industries.

Career Opportunities

As a recognised leader in MRO integrated supply chain management, RS Integrated Supply is always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. Please visit our careers page for current openings and additional information.

Industry Insights

MRO Supply Chain Integration services, offering seamless solutions for industries.

RS Integrated Supply offers expert solutions to optimise your industry’s supply chain performance by integrating supply chain, managing MRO, streamlining procurement and optimising storeroom operations for various industries.

ESG at RS Integrated Supply

We are committed to “making amazing happen for a better world”. To reinforce this commitment, in 2021 we launched our 2030 ESG action plan – For a Better World.

A procurement personnel working to develop a strategic partnership with MRO Suppliers.

Discover the importance of trust and open communication in developing effective procurement strategies with your MRO suppliers. Read insights to find out more.

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