Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Our experienced team of MRO buyers and analysts manage nearly $1 billion in annual MRO spend. We leverage that buying power for you. That means you reap the rewards through lower costs and improved supplier services.

You’re no longer bogged down by endless supplier transactions. That’s our job. You benefit from:

  • e-Marketplace
  • Vendor consolidation
  • OEM Commercialisation
  • Supplier Compliance

At the start of any engagement, we develop a strategic sourcing plan and stocking strategy that aligns with your corporate goals. That plan identifies opportunities to improve your MRO purchasing power in terms of materials and providers, while utilising the expertise of our network of local, regional, and international suppliers.

Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

RS E-Marketplace

The RS E-Marketplace is a core component of our digital supply chain technology, RS Sync™. It streamlines your requisition process and delivers value beyond material savings through:

  • Consolidated invoices
  • Detailed analytics
  • Dynamic dedicated content
  • Search accuracy
  • Parts visibility
  • Diversity spends

The result is an efficient, trusted, and consolidated supply base.

Vendor Consolidation

Imagine not having to manage your growing list of vendors. You no longer need to process thousands of invoices and pay hundreds of suppliers. We take on that burden. Instead of searching for suppliers and products, gathering quotes, placing orders and tracking compliance and delivery, you can focus on doing what you do best.

OEM Commercialization

Identifying alternative suppliers, without compromising quality, lowers your risk for downtime. That is why we thoroughly examine your inventory to determine which parts are eligible for commercialisation based on technical specifications, lead time, and overall availability. It adds a layer of safety to your supply chain. You’re offered options only when we’re absolutely convinced the change will improve performance and reliability.

Supplier Compliance

Our procurement strategy is built on supplier compliance. You have a dedicated governance team tasked with tracking and maintaining supplier adherence. Additionally, we explore opportunities for consolidation, commercialisation, and standardisation of relevant materials. Purchase quantities and preferred suppliers are also routinely scrutinised to generate still deeper savings.

Industry Insights

MRO Supply Chain Integration services, offering seamless solutions for industries.

RS Integrated Supply offers expert solutions to optimise your industry’s supply chain performance by integrating supply chain, managing MRO, streamlining procurement and optimising storeroom operations for various industries.

ESG at RS Integrated Supply

We are committed to “making amazing happen for a better world”. To reinforce this commitment, in 2021 we launched our 2030 ESG action plan – For a Better World.

A procurement personnel working to develop a strategic partnership with MRO Suppliers.

Discover the importance of trust and open communication in developing effective procurement strategies with your MRO suppliers. Read insights to find out more.

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