Your MRO supply chain has a lot of moving parts, but none is more important than avoiding costly downtime. When you engage with us, we work together in developing a strategic lean manufacturing supply chain plan that solves your challenges. Things like below-average fill rates, excessive inventory, increasing inventory obsolescence, unplanned maintenance or reduced uptime.

We change the dynamics by creating continuity between maintenance and the MRO storeroom through active participation in the maintenance planning process.

MRO Supply Chain in General Manufacturing

By leveraging our $1B global spend, we partner with key suppliers to strengthen your supply chain. These partnerships generate strategic sourcing opportunities that reduce inventory and improve maintenance effectiveness while guaranteeing 100% accuracy on critical spares.

Our RS Sync™ technology integrates with your system to consolidate your supply chain, equipment performance and maintenance information into a single data point.

The combination of spend leverage and technology enables us to consistently deliver meaningful results, including:

  • Data standardization
  • Supply-base consolidation
  • Inventory right-sizing
  • Storeroom optimization

Our fully integrated supply programs deliver 25-30% total-cost-of-ownership savings over the course of our contracts.

We have consistently earned the client’s highest-ranked contractor award and we have been consistently rated ‘excellent’ for total value, quality, delivery and customer support.

We have consistently earned the client’s highest-ranked contractor award, and we have been consistently rated ‘excellent’ for total value, quality, delivery and customer support.
Two businessmen discussing procurement and MRO supply chain solution

We partnered with top OEMs and suppliers to bring comprehensive solutions in procurement, inventory, availability, planning and logistics for industrial machinery.

Storeroom manager ordering inventory with RS Integrated Supply_optimized procurement solutions

Includes Storeroom Design, Inventory Management, Order Management, Purchasing Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Price Optimization and more.

MRO Transaction Processing

From equipment analysis to data standardization and everything in between, we identify improvement opportunities that drive down costs and eliminate waste.

Industry Insights

Two maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) experts collaborating and planning together for efficient operations.

Our MRO supply chain solutions handle inventory, procurement, logistics, and vendor consolidation. Streamline your operation, increase productivity and cut costs.

ESG at RS Integrated Supply

We are committed to “making amazing happen for a better world”. To reinforce this commitment, in 2021 we launched our 2030 ESG action plan – For a Better World.

Man in hard hat in industrial setting

Transportation manufacturer improved supply chain, saved $1 million and improved customer experiences with RS Integrated Supply’s MRO program. Overcame issues like lack of planning, no inventory visibility and poor KPIs for on-time delivery & stock fill rates.

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