Bill of Materials Developement

Bill of Materials Development

We explore the linkage between your data, inventory, and equipment and the relationship with performance. By connecting the dots, we create effective asset management and spare parts stocking programs while creating continuous improvement opportunities.

Our customized plans guide your informed decisions on what spare parts are required and when, on inventory optimization and on opportunities for reuse, sale or disposal of obsolete or decommissioned parts.

This understanding of your equipment, the bills of materials required for the assets and your usage trends of those materials all translate to improved maintenance wrench time and lower costs.

Benefits of Bill of Materials

Reduced Lead Times

Ensures timely availability of materials, thereby reducing spare parts lead time and improving overall efficiency.

More Effective Stocking Strategies

Identify the required inventory levels, optimize stocking strategies and reduce excess inventory to maximize cost savings and improve operational efficiency.

Lower Carrying Costs

Minimize carrying costs by preventing overstocking and reducing the risk of stockouts.

Obsolescence Identification

Identify and remove obsolete parts from your inventory to minimize cost and reduce the risk of wasted resources.

Enhanced Supplier Management

Through Bill of Materials, you gain a better understanding of how equipment performance improves reliability and reduces errors.

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